The My Big Idea® Planner is a highly effective tool, designed to help you achieve balance and work/life blend.


Unlike traditional planners, the My Big Idea Planner helps you set goals in six main areas of your life and will help provide clarity and focus as you work toward what success looks like for you in the coming year. Each planner includes guided questions that help you reflect and refuel during your journey.

Monthly and quarterly progress check-ins and progress reports keep you accountable as you identify your top goals and create an action plan to achieve the results you want.


While encompassing all the usual features of a daily planner, the My Big Idea Planner is uniquely grounded in a philosophy of gratitude, relationship-building and clarity that ensures focus in the areas of Personal Goals, Professional Goals, Finance, Relationships, Refueling and Health.


Create a year-long plan for success, stay focused and achieve your goals with the My Big Idea® planner.

The My Big Idea Daily Planner

    • A unique planner that creates clarity, focus and helps you achieve work/life blend
    • Helps build a strong support network to keep you accountable and on-track
    • Soft black cover
    • Convenient lay-flat design for easy writing
    • 12 Months of updated monthly and weekly calendars with quarterly check-ins
    • Goal-setting in all areas of your life: personal, professional, financial, relationships, refueling and health
    • Guided questions and exercises such as mind maps and bucket lists
    • Additional blank pages for self-expression, note talking and creativity